Divina Mohanakrishnan


Sure, I could just write a bio that portrays me like an amazing role-model who is hustling through life… But that would be a lie. 

Yes, I have extremely high ambitions: I would like to be a great human rights lawyer one day and maybe even a politician; I want to make a big change in my country so that no one ever questions if life is worth it like I do. But the truth is, I’m not even close to achieving any of that. I’m not that special, I’m pretty ordinary. I jump from job to job trying to pay my student loans off, and often end up resigning once I use all of my medical leaves up because I rather quit than be fired for it. People expect me to be this strong-willed girl who doesn’t let anything get in her way… but I’m actually just a really scared girl who is going through a quarterly life crisis. I have been trying to cover that up with jokes so that people focus on how funny I can be instead of the imperfections that I might have. The harshness of life is something that I still can’t handle yet, maybe I never will. But I have tosuck it up because that’s what people expect from me, so I keep my emotions to myself. But I guess this bio has now exposed my emotions, and I hope that readers won’t look down on me for my truth. Hiding my emotions is difficult, so I translate it to paper and often draw characters who mainly have those same emotions too: villains and outcasts.

When it comes to my art journey: I started drawing out of boredom when I was 16, then as I received compliments from my friends, I felt pretty awesome, so I later drew just to show off. I guess I was trying to prove that I have some sort of talent so that my schoolmates would stop bullying me. Spoiler alert: I still ended up being bullied. Now I just draw as a way to express my anger and sadness in a safe and healthy way. It doesn’t really help, but it is a distraction, so that’s a win in my book. I’m sorry if this bio seems too “emo” (slang for emotional) or maybe even pathetic to some. I wish I could decorate it with amazing stories, but that wouldn’t be the real me. Like I said, I’m not amazing or special. I’m just an ordinary person with slightly less than ordinary stories. And until I figure life out and pick myself up from wherever I am right now, I’ll just be the girl with the pencil, and I hope that people are okay with that.

Also, shoutout to my puppy, Luna. You’re pretty great and I would like everyone to know that.

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